Carole Ma
Carole earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto in 1993.  She completed her naturopathic medical training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), and has been practicing as a licensed naturopathic doctor since 1998.  To enhance the mindbody approach in clinical practice, Carole studied at the Ontario Hypnotherapy Centre.  She received her certification as a hypnotherapist in 2010, and was previously a registered HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (Mongan Method).  

As a practitioner, Carole is committed to providing safe and effective medical care. She is thorough in assessing each client’s case, and is eclectic in utilizing evidence-based and time-honoured therapies.  She implements a wide range of therapeutic modalities including nutritional counselling and supplementation, botanical medicine, acupuncture and hypnotherapy.   Her practice focus is general family medicine.  

In clinical practice, Carole believes in educating clients regarding their health issues so they are better informed and engaged in making their own health care decisions. Her passion as an educator has also led to her serving as a faculty member at CCNM since 2001. 

Carole is licensed with the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapies – Naturopathy.  She practices at  The CCNM Integrated Healthcare Centre (  in North York.